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Choosing Your Day-Timer Planner Refill

Create your own planning style with Day-Timer planner refills designed to suit your needs. Choose from a variety of page formats (daily, weekly or monthly), binding types (loose-leaf or wirebound) and sizes to fit your scheduling needs. Day-Timer planner refills are offered with January or July start dates for further flexibility. 

Whether traditional white with green bar or designer pages from our Coastlines, Garden Path, Kathy Davis or Serenity collections, you'll always stay on schedule and organized with Day-Timer planner refills. Keep detailed appointment information or quickly notated events in one convenient location.

Daily (1- or 2-pages-per-day)

Organize your records and schedule appointments with Day-Timer daily planner refills. Convenient refills allow you to transition from one year to the next without hassle. Plus, by reusing your existing Day-Timer planner cover, you save money and the environment. Spacious daily pages help you make the most out of each minute in the day. 

Extend the life of your daily planner and experience sizable savings when you invest in daily planner refills from Day-Timer. Easily manage your day with a daily planner, which streamlines your schedule while giving you ample room for jotting notes and to-dos. Refill pages can be inserted in a moment to clear the way for a new year.

Shop Daily Refills 

Day-Timer Daily Refill page spread
Day-Timer Weekly Refill page spread

Weekly (2-pages-per-week)

Put your entire week into perspective without sacrificing space with Day-Timer weekly planner refills. The weekly refill pages are easily inserted into your current planner so you can see all of your goals, tasks, and appointments for the week with a simple glance. Weekly planner organizer refills help you save big, no matter what type of planner you own.  

Weekly planner refills from Day-Timer are available in a wide variety of sizes and formats to perfectly complement your loose-leaf planner cover or wirebound appointment book cover. Pencil in your meetings and appointments while finding plenty of room to jot extra notes with weekly refills.

Shop Weekly Refills

Monthly (2-pages-per-month)

Don’t buy a new planner: simply update your favorite planner cover with Day-Timer monthly planner refills for the new year. Professional monthly pages allow you to see upcoming goals, projects, and appointments far in advance so you never miss a deadline. Whether you prefer pocket-sized planners or spacious desk-sized appointment books we’ll have the right refills for your planning tool.  

Update your favorite planner with monthly refills that speak to your sense of style and accommodate your planning preferences. No matter what size planner you own, you’ll be able to find refills from Day-Timer with the layout that helps you plan your month with confidence.

Shop Monthly Refills

Day-Timer Monthly Refill page spread

Loose-Leaf vs. Wirebound Refills

daytimer looseleaf


The flexibility and capacity offered by loose-leaf refills at Day-Timer make these planners some of the most popular options for customizing your schedule and organization.



With wirebound daily refills, you can extend the lifespan of your favorite daily planner with a slim profile. Choose between sizes and formats to take control of your complex schedule year after year.

Find the Right Size

Loose-Leaf Refill Sizes

  • Folio: 8.5" x 11"
  • Desk: 5.5" x 8.5"
  • Portable: 3.75" x 6.75"
  • Jotter: 2.75" x 5"

Wirebound Refill Sizes

  • Notebook: 8.5" x 11"
  • Journal: 5.5" x 8.5"
  • Pocket: 3.5" x 6.5"
  • Compact: 3" x 5"