How To Make And Keep Back-To-School Resolutions


Tips from Day-Timer Time Management Expert, Maria Woytek

LEHIGH VALLEY, PA., September 5, 2008 –– School is officially back in session, and like the beginning of the New Year, it is a great time to assess ways to be more balanced and productive for the school year - in other words, back-to-school resolutions. As schedules become more complex and demanding, research shows making resolutions isn’t just for New Year’s anymore. Here are some ways to make resolutions and even better, to keep them!

Evaluate. Review problem areas from the previous school year. Did the kids often miss the bus? Were lunches or lunch money regularly forgotten at home? Maybe a particular class needed a grade improvement? Looking back at what happened the year before is a great way to figure out where resolutions should be made.

Prioritize. It can become overwhelming to both child and parent if there are too many new goals for the year. Look at the areas that need improvement and figure out which ones are the most important and the most attainable. For example, raising a high school G.P.A. is probably a better area of focus than making the bed every morning.

Discuss. Instead of sending the child out on their own to figure out how to make these changes, plan to sit down as a family and review the goals for the school year. Everyone should join in with ideas of how to gain success - such as implementing a points system that allows a reward once a certain number of points is attained.

Time Management. In order to not only help encourage the student to work at their goals, it will be beneficial to help them learn time management in the process. Set a goal date for reaching certain milestones, such as getting all homework in on time for the first two months. Once he/she sees it can be done, they will be excited to see what else can be achieved.

Ask for help. With some of the bigger resolutions, don’t be afraid to ask, or encourage your child to ask, for help. Maybe it’s being willing to hire an after-school math tutor, going to teachers to ask for extra-credit, or asking neighbors to assist with goals like getting to class on time. You will find there are many ways to get support if needed.

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