Tick Talk Issue 22

“Magnetic customer service is not just going through the motions.. It is also going through the emotions.” — Trapper Woods

Service! Some People Just don't Get It!

Pre-order Trapper's new book Service! Some People Just Don't Get It! This book guides you through a simple six step formula called The Circle of Customer Service. This is a system developed and applied in our family business for over fifty years. The principles covered can be applied by individuals as well as business organizations of any size. You will enjoy the tips and techniques that have been developed from "street smarts" rather than a re-hash of material from other text books. Furthermore, you will discover not only is this book a quick read but fun and entertaining as well.

Book Length: 90 Pages Price: $10.95 Order Your Copy Today

Activities Rule! Not The Clock!

An activity is something we do. An activity is the basic unit of our life’s design. Results are determined by the activities we choose and how we arrange to get them done.

How well do you choose and arrange your daily activities? In business, select activities that are essential for the existence, continuation, and the well-being of your organization or your family. Avoid trivial activities.

Here are four activity selection questions you can apply on a daily basis.
  • Is this activity a step toward the achievement of a goal?
  • Is this activity a good time investment?
  • If I don’t do the activity, who will it affect and will anyone suffer?
  • Is the activity necessary for the existence, continuation or well-being of the organization?

Knowing what to choose and what to refuse is what it’s about. Activities rule, not the clock. The clock is nothing more than a measurement tool. Learn to be a good activity chooser!

Leverage Your Mind! Use it for Thinking not Remembering

There is not only more to do these days but more to remember. When your mind is cluttered with things you are trying to remember it is not as free to focus on vital work activities.

Solution? Pick a time management tool that works best for you (either paper or electronic.) Then, be meticulous about entering all appointments, dates, deadlines, and important information.

Make it a habit to carry it with you and let the tool do your remembering for you. Freeing your mind this way should help you increase your focus and reduce stress.

Fast Track Training

Employee training no longer comes with a big price tag! Introducing Fast Track Training.
  • Twice the content in half the time at a fraction of the cost of traditional training.
  • Results are guaranteed and measurable.
  • Courses can be tailored to fit the specific need of your organization.
  • Save money! Courses are sold on a subscription basis that permits you to train as many employees as you want each month.

To learn more about Fast Track Training send an email to mark@trapperwoods.com or call 888-972-0800.

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