Essential Steps for Finally DeCluttering Your Life

Nearly everyone strives to declutter their lives, but only successful people know how to accomplish it, year in, year out.


Here are a few simple rules for getting rid of your clutter that will ultimately help declutter your life, and will save you time in the process:


Focus on workspaces


Certain areas of your home or office are used more than others. These you need to focus extra attention to during your declutter process. Your home office, desk, and inbox are clutter hot zones, so be sure to spend time filing and recycling letters, catalogs and email.


Work overtime


Schedule extra task time on the areas of your home that are clutter magnets. This includes your kitchen, bathrooms, and kids playrooms. Focus a majority of your energy in these locations, because they are the most likely candidates to get messy again.


Simplify yourself


Reduction is a huge step towards decluttering. Make smart decisions to purge your house of rarely used items. Start by making piles of items you want to sell, recycle, trash or donate. Grab a permanent marker and clearly label your boxes to avoid any giveaway mistakes.


Declutter your finances


Spring is the best time to sort your tax info, organize your bills, and establish some healthy financial habits. Create permanent and dependable locations for all incoming financial documents using file cabinets and storages bins.


Hire out


Certain declutter and cleaning tasks can hired out affordably, allowing you to focus time elsewhere; get rates from a local maid service or yard crew. You should also check to see if your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other charitable organization does pickup.


Begin one new habit


Commit yourself to a new healthy activity, like clearing out the refrigerator weekly, or buying more green products


Don’t create more clutter


Consider the environmental impact of your cleaning by using reusable towels, sponges, and mops instead of paper towels and Swiffer-type disposable sweepers


Remember, when planning your cleaning and clutter removal processes, it's important that you keep your plan realistic, and commit yourself to only as much as time allows. Now go get yourself clutter free and organized for 2013 and beyond.

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