7 Easy Tips to DeClutter Your Busy Workspace.

If it feels like a mountain is standing in the way of your goals, it could mean you have a clutter problem.


Most will tell you that a lack of organization holds them back from reaching their potential. That's why decluttering your workspace is a must for you and everyone else wanting to increase their productivity.


Start by facing the clutter in your most frequently-used workspaces.


Here are 7 easy tips for decluttering your desk, office, and home:


1. Consider the key areas of your life — spaces where you spend the most time doing your activities. This might include your office desk or your kitchen sink areas


2. Schedule yourself a 30 minute appointment each day to reduce clutter in one specific area. Take that time to really attack the source of the clutter


3. Decide confidently on the paper piles: file, trash, recycle


4. Sort your mail by action types: read, pay bill, file, recycle


5. Store away less commonly-used items like staplers, books and the kitchen blender


6. Remember the Fingertip Management rule – keep only your most commonly used items within an arm's reach


7. Expand out from the focal point of clutter and organize the immediate surrounding areas



Make a concerted effort to use each of the 7 tips during your 30 minute declutter sessions. Having a decluttered workspace increases your ability to get things done in two ways:


• First, it increases your ability to find the files, tools, and information that are important right now


• Second, it improves your progress by maximizing available workspaces. It’s easy to spread out and be more productive when you don't feel boxed in by clutter



Take a stand on your clutter this week. Start by scheduling some time-saving, clutter-killing appointments today.

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