Tips to Stop Procrastination

- Why Are You Afraid? -

Many psychologists agree that procrastination is a psychological problem based upon some sort of fear. These fears include such things as fear of failure, fear of facing an unpleasant experience, and even fear of boredom. I confess, fear of boredom is why I procrastinate doing my expense reports.

All techniques to help overcome procrastination are designed to help us bridge the gap of fear, no matter what the cause. My favorite technique is to make an appointment with myself to do the thing I’m procrastinating. But do it away from my regular environment. That way I don’t have excuses to not get the job done!

Some common techniques used to overcome procrastination are:

• Scream and jump into the project as you would jump into a cold swimming pool. (It works for me, and I do scream)

• Reward yourself in some way for getting it done. (Too many ice-cream rewards can create another problem)

• Make a commitment to another person and get them to stay on your case. (not a good friend who could be too soft on you)

• Break large tasks into smaller pieces. (smaller pieces are a lot easier to digest)

Recognize what fear drives your procrastination and pick a technique to help you get through it. For example, maybe you’ve put off making a difficult phone call because you feel it will be an unpleasant experience. I’ve made many such calls in my career and almost always I’ve found it was never as bad as I thought. Also, my self esteem would shoot up, my stress would go down, and I would be far more productive the rest of the day.

What are you afraid of? What are you procrastinating? Do it now. The benefits of eliminating procrastination are huge.

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