Tick Talk Issue 25

"When we invest our money wisely, we enrich our bank accounts. When we invest our time wisely we enrich our lives."

Facing a Difficult Work-Life Choice? Ask Yourself The Crystal Ball Questions!

In the process of developing a career, we make crucial work-life decisions - sometimes without conscious awareness of their long-term consequences.

Taking responsibility for your work-like choices begins with deciding what?s most important to you in both the short term and long term and learning to reconcile the two. It means making choices based upon projecting the consequences of those decisions into a "probable future".

The crystal ball questions to ask yourself are: "Is that future with its probable consequences acceptable to me and my family?" or, ?What impact will this decision have on my life five years from now? Ten years from now??

When we do this we are engaged in a time management process known as the anticipation of events.

Quick Hints To Keep Your Focus On The Busiest Days
1. Find or create an alternate work place.
2. Be clear to others about interruptions.
3. Clear your space and focus on one project.
4. Learn to say "NO!" without guilt.

8 Steps To Creating Your Ideal Work Day
1. Begin with a to-do list.
2. Do only one or two major activities.
3. Reserve one hour in the morning and afternoon for recovery and down time.
4. Reserve one hour for unexpected interruptions.
5. Do your major activity during your most creative time of the day.
6. Prepare for the day, where appropriate, before work time.
7. Decide what you can realistically accomplish ? and define that as success.
8. End the day on a personal note, make time for yourself.



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