The Daily Planning Routine

Plan, Prioritize, and Review Daily


Planning is much more than just writing your schedule and checking off tasks. For a successful commitment to better time management, increased productivity and a healthy work-life balance, you must incorporate time for Plan, Prioritize, and Review.

The Plan, Prioritize, and Review (PPR) session is an important component to any planning system. Simply put, it's a daily appointment with yourself that plans your schedule, prioritizes your activities, and reviews your values and goals. It allows you to chart a course and see that you're headed in the right direction. For just 15-minutes a day, it has an equal effect on your success to any other act of planning throughout your day.

Here's how you do it:

Choose a time

Select a time of day that will offer you solitude. Some prefer to PPR first thing in the morning because it allows them to put their day in focus. Others choose the end of the day when events of the workday are still fresh in their head. The important idea to remember is that you must be able commit yourself to this appointment every day.

Schedule a 15 minute appointment

Fifteen minutes is all this session should require if you do it daily. Write the appointment in your weekly schedule, and label it "PPR." If you use a planning software such as Microsoft Outlook, set your PPR session as a reoccurring appointment. Commit to this time as busy, so that you will avoid distractions.

Focus on you

It is important during this session to create a routine process to ensure that all bases are covered. Make it a routine process so that all your bases are covered.

• Review your previous day - run through yesterday's tasks and activities and address any incomplete tasks or rescheduled appointments that will affect your upcoming day.
• Plan your schedule - note any changes to your monthly schedule, or appointments that have cropped up in the past day
• Plan your tasks - transfer items from your master list that are important for you to accomplish today. Always choose a realistic amount of tasks that you can realistically complete.
• Prioritize your tasks - decide which tasks are important, urgent, and possibly should be delegated.
• Review your goals/values - ensure that you're living in balance by reflecting on the principles that you seek to live by, and the goals you've chosen to pursue.

Commit to success

Though just a small block of time each day, the PPR session is a daily investment into yourself that can offer tremendous results in your planning. Make a commitment to this session every day and make better planning a priority.

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