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Tips and Trends from Day-Timer Community Home Office Expert, Lisa Kanarek

Lehigh Valley PA, August 2007 - 35 million Americans work from home every day. It's not only entrepreneurs who have set up shop in their homes, more and more companies are finding the best place for their employees to do some of their best work is in the comfort of their home office.
"The home office is no longer seen as a temporary arrangement in the corner of the living room, as workers are 'home to stay', commented Lisa Kanarek, author of Home Office Solutions: Creating a Space that Works for You and member of the Day-Timer Community of Experts."

Fall is a time of change that often brings a new enthusiasm to get focused, and to re-evaluate goals for the remainder of the year.

"This time of year is perfect for re-evaluating goals and making sure your home office is organized in a way that will increase productivity and make it both easy and pleasureful to work in," Kanarek remarked. "Now that vacations are over and the kids are back to school, it is a great time to check out the latest trends in home office organization and design to keep you prepared for handling even the most strenuous work-loads."

Make the office feel like "home". Being comfortable and productive in the home office requires more than the obvious office equipment. Workers want a space they can call their own that will blend in with the rest of the home. "One of the latest trends in home office décor is that more and more people are bringing the overall home design and décor in to the home office," Kanarek said.  "It is a clear statement that the working space is not temporary, but a permanent area for serious work."

Go "green". Everyone is talking about how to be more eco-friendly and "going green". The home office is no exception. "With the use of numerous electrical supplies and endless use of paper, it is important  to find ways to conserve. Setting up recycling bins, reusing paper and storing documents electronically rather than printing everything, is a great way to start," Kanarek suggested.

Move the "office" around. The use of laptops and cell phones has brought the work-at-home phenomenon to a new level. Even in the most productive of home offices, it is sometimes necessary, both for the mind and body, to get out. Many home office workers have switched their computer systems from desktops to laptops, or perhaps have both, giving them freedom to explore other working territory, such as a coffee shop or a park.

Never miss a call. When working from home, whether running a business or telecommuting with another company, it is necessary to be accessible to clients and colleagues. Many people are having the home office phone number transferred to their cell phone in order to keep up with important phone calls. "While working from home may be comfortable, there is nothing second class about this new level of executives who are working from home," Kanarek concluded.

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