Holiday Tips

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• Let children help out.  They can easily decorate cookies (they don’t have to be “perfect”) or put mailing labels or stamps on cards.  Who cares if the ornaments are all hanging on the bottom half of the tree?

• Consider taking a few days off this month from work to bake and freeze cookies, get some shopping done, wrap presents, and write holiday cards.  Alleviate the last-minute rush!

• Order your holiday stamps over the phone and save another trip.  The U.S. Postal Service will deliver them in 3-5 days.  Call 1-800-782-6724 for the stamp fulfillment services division.

• You can order your Christmas tree by phone!  You can get a six-foot Fraser Fir (my favorite!) by calling Laurel Springs Christmas Tree Farm at 1-800-851-2345.

• Brave the malls again after Christmas is over, to pick up next year’s treasures at a reduced cost!  If you buy holiday greeting cards off-season, you’re likely to get a big discount.  Stock up on wrap, ribbon, candy, stocking stuffers, and decorations.

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