Priorities and Achievement Tips

- Meeting Yourself Face to Face -

We demonstrate what is truly important to us by how we actually spend our time. When there is a disconnect between what we say is important and what we do with our time, we need to take a reality check. The reality may be uncomfortable, but it is true. We vote on what is honestly important to us with our time.

I invite you to look at your calendar and appointment schedule for the last three months. What does the record say about your priorities? If you are not pleased with the story it tells, make the necessary adjustments and align your time with what really matters to you.

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- Utilize the Principle of Accessibility. -

Simple concepts can be powerful. When used, they are often the difference between success and failure. One of the most powerful, yet underutilized, concepts in the field of achievement is the principle of accessibility.

The earliest formal writing we can find on this subject is by Charles R. Hobbs, Ph.D., in his doctoral thesis written while attending Columbia University. Dr. Hobbs clarifies the essence of this idea in these words, "If you would induct yourself into a skill, an element of knowledge, or a goal, make that skill, knowledge, or goal directly, continuously, and meaningfully accessible to yourself."

Simply stated, if you desire to succeed in achieving a goal or acquiring a new skill, keep it visible. Keep the goal constantly accessible as a reminder and motivator.

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