Managing Tasks and Calendars in Your Planner

Any time you reach for the stars, you need to ground yourself with a solid foundation. Putting together a strong planning system is no different. Your two building blocks of this foundation are the Task list and the Calendar, used to support the valuable information that organizes and schedules your daily activities.

Your Day-Timer planner offers an outstanding tool for leveraging these elements to your benefit. By learning how you can better manage your Task list and Calendar you will get more things done each day and keep in control of the events in your life.

Managing Tasks

At one point or another everyone has made a task or to-do list, whether for grocery shopping, homework assignments, or for weekend chores. The task list used in your daily planning will contain all of the commitments, activities and actions that are necessary for you to carry out daily functions, perform your job, and achieve your goals.

Your planner features a two-part task process:

• Master Task List: On the backside of each monthly calendar tab you will find an input area for your things to be done in the month ahead. This is considered your Master Task List. Fill out this monthly list with all of the tasks and activities that arise throughout the course of your day. When a task or project occurs in the future, simply flip ahead and enter it into the tab that corresponds to that month.

• To Be Done Today (Action List): During your daily planning process, consult the list of tasks to be done each month and transfer items onto your daily or weekly Action List that you wish to accomplish. Day-Timer refills offer a dedicated column for your To Be Done Today list. Once you?ve made a practical list of tasks you can accomplish today, or over the next week, prioritize them by urgency using A, B, or C, and then add numbers to indicate the order for doing these tasks.

As new tasks pop-up throughout the course of the meetings, conversations, and thoughts of your day, write them into your Master Task List where they will await assignment for an upcoming day or week. Those tasks that require immediate attention can be written into your daily/weekly To Be Done list.

Managing Your Calendar

Your Day-Timer refill offers a comprehensive set of features for your complete scheduling needs in a daily, monthly, and annual planning landscape. Here are the calendar features of your planning system, and how to maximize them for your benefit:

• Monthly Tabs: The monthly calendar tabs provide you with a fast, convenient way to manage your monthly schedule of appointments. As you become aware of key events that affect your schedule write them into your calendar tabs on the lined date sections.

• Daily Appointments and Scheduled Events: Your daily and weekly planning refill offers a column for listing your schedule each day. During your planning session, review your monthly calendar tabs and transfer your appointments and notes into your daily schedule.

• Future Planning: In the back of your refill, you will find a future planning calendar for appointments that stretch beyond the current calendar year. Save these pages at the year?s end, or transfer your information into your new annual planner refill.

•Use Symbols: A good idea for more efficient use of your calendar is to develop a system of symbols that indicate various data types. For example, a star might represent a meeting, a letter ?P? might indicate a phone call you need to make, and a box can be used for special reminders for the day.

• Archive Your Calendar: Once the month is over, keep your tabs handy as a resource. It allows you to review previous activities for reference and for planning. If you?re using a loose-leaf planner, it?s a good idea to keep the complete year?s worth of tabs in your binder.

Day-Timer Spokesperson Jeff Doubek provides user-friendly tips and guidance on productivity and work-life balance through the Day-Timer Blog at Jeff can be reached at



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