Quick Start Guide

Congratulations on purchasing your Day-Timer Planner!

You've taken the first step toward organizing and simplifying your life. With this tool you can create a new world of productivity where you will get more done each day, live up to your commitments at work and at home, stay on top of your appointments and responsibilities, and you will discover new ways to find balance in your life.

Your Day-Timer planner is the key to breaking down the barriers that once held you back from achieving your goals. Time is now on your side!

Getting started is a quick, simple process. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Unpack your system:

Remove the plastic wrap from your planner solution set. Separate your system components, taking care to keep dated pages in order.

The following system components are included in your set:

- Planning Pages

- Monthly Tabs

- Starter Pack with Quick Reference Pages

- Binder

- Storage Case

- Forms & Accessories

Step 2: Open your binder

Open your binder rings by pulling outward on the metal tabs located at the top and bottom of binder's ring section. Place open binder in front of you.

Step 3: Load your tabs

Find the twelve monthly tabs, and load them onto the rings. These handy calendars help you plan and view your monthly schedule. Once loaded, flip them over to the right-hand side of the planner.

Step 4: Insert dated pages

Locate your daily or weekly pages for the current month and load them onto the rings after the current month's tab and before the following month. Similarly load the following two months of dated pages, between the corresponding monthly tabs. Three months of pages provides ample planning space for your current and near-future schedule. Once loaded, close the rings and flip all pages and tabs to the left-hand side of your planner.

Step 5: Insert Quick Reference Pages

Open your binder rings and load quick reference pages onto rings. These pages provide useful information in a variety of topics for your everyday knowledge. Flip them over to the right-hand side of the planner. Close the binder rings.

Step 6: Insert the page finder

Snap the plastic page finder into the rings at today's date.

Step 7: Fill out the identification page

The first page of your planning page set is your identification page, helpful in the event that your planner is lost or misplaced. Fill out the contact information and place onto the rings as the very first page of your planner.

Step 8: Begin planning

Your planner is complete. Now you are free to begin down the road to better time management and increased productivity. A few activities to start off using your planner include:

- List your all appointments for the week/month

- Write a monthly to-do list on the backside of your monthly tab

- Write a daily task list

- Track daily activities in your planner's diary and work record

- Capture notes, thoughts and conversations in your memos section

Step 9: Archive your data

Store your remaining planning pages in your Day-Timer storage case (included with some planners) and keep it in a location where you frequently will be doing your planning. Use the last page of each month to index the dates where key events and information can be found in your planning pages. Having organized archives will keep your planning pages a working resource for years to come.

Step 10: Expand your system

Day-Timer has a wide variety of accessories that can help you customize your planning system. Products such as storage pockets, checkbook holders, paper punches, and tabbed dividers that can expand the value of your planner in simplifying and organizing your life. Visit our website at, or request a catalog by calling (800) 225-5005.

Enjoy Your Time!



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