7 Tips for an Organized Workspace

Take a stand on your clutter this week. Start by scheduling some time-saving, clutter-killing appointments today.

Here are 7 easy tips for decluttering your desk, office, or home:

1. Choose primary spaces where you spend the most time doing your activities, including your office desk or your kitchen sink areas

2. Schedule yourself a 30 minute appointment each day to reduce clutter in one specific area.

3. Sort paper piles in 4 categories: act, file, trash, or recycle

4. Sort mail by action: read, pay, file, trash, or recycle

5. Store away less commonly-used items like staplers, books and the kitchen blender

6. Use Fingertip Management - keep only your most commonly used items within an arm's reach of your primary workspace

7. Expand out from the focal point of clutter and organize the immediate surrounding areas



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