7 Steps to Reduce Stress and Get Organized for Back-to-School

Back-to-school season brings so much to deal with: new morning routines, new daily patterns, and new afternoon commitments. It's a full-scale time management crises in the making, especially for you if you're in charge of organizing and scheduling.

Luckily, there's a way to tame the wild chaos your household undergoes.

This is where the trusty Family Calendar becomes the most important tool in the house.

Here is a great blueprint for a more organized back-to-school time:

1. Get your family involved in weekly planning -- after Sunday night dinner, spend 15 minutes over dessert planning the week ahead
2. Go over and update your schedules for school, sports, clubs, work, and social activities
3. Make everyone responsible for bringing their own schedules and for updating their info into the shared family calendar
4. Create a reminder system so duties are remembered on the day-of - use some type of reminder on your smartphone or computer, or a visual cue such as a wall calendar
5. Split chores or to-dos for each family member - rather than assign them, have a big list and let the group decide who should do each
6. Discuss deadlines and expectations whenever possible so that there is clear understanding and less chance of slip-ups
7. Reward individual contribution - always allow individual members to crossoff their own to-dos and enjoy that feeling of satisfaction; also, set-up a treat or allowance system for kids

Ease the transition of your back-to-school time using some simple steps with a family calendar and get your family all on the same page.

For more tips on student time management and other topics, check out the DayTimer Success Center and be sure to visit the Day-Timer online store for the latest deals on time management tools and solutions.



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